Sindome is a cyberpunk environment that rewards roleplaying over stat grinding, boasting a healthy player base and a helpful admin staff.

Set 85 years into a dark, gritty future. 60 million people reside within the geodesic dome of Withmore City. 4 distinct levels separate the corporate elite from the ‘mixers’. You arrive in Red Sector where most of the population resides, where it’s every baka for themselves, trying to carve out a niche in the underworld, or reach above the fray for the comforts of the corporate life.

Enhance your street samurai with a flash boost implant so he can collect bounties faster. Cloak your ripper doc, profiting from the chrome you rip from the dead. Prepare your gun runner to smuggle warez across the wastes and into the dome in your Flying Car. But be careful what you do, Street Judges are looking to shove a verdict up your clone.

Coded Features:

* REOPENED! Super Happy Fun Land is back with RapidStrike and RiotGear VR gaming!

* REWRITTEN! 3-Step Grapple System supports more than just speed or strength based characters.

* New! Sticker Mod System supporting item/vehicle decals, wearing makeup & clothing damage

* Custom 2048-bit encrypted web client for work-safe play

* 80+ Weapon types – melee, blades, guns, cybernetic, martial arts

* Dynamic Combat system with Guarded & Kamakazi stances

* 30+ unique Skills & Advantages for class-less chargen

* Fallout Style S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stat system

* 35+ Cybernetic & Organic Implants for combat & support skills

* 40+ Vehicles including all-terrain and flying cars

* 3D Flight & Falling from any level of the Dome, badlands or space

* Weapon Modification, Degradation, & Specialization

* 50+ performance enhancing or degrading drugs, made by players

* Vast Post-Apocalyptic wasteland outside the dome

* launch into orbit with space flight, sky-ships and even mobile space stations!

* Simulated Internet via Hybrid Web Experience

* NPC Job Systems and Factions that are Player Responsive

* Virtual Reality Simulations & city-wide Neural Communication

* Constantly improving features based on Player Input

Server: moo.sindome.org
Port: 55555

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