Avalon: The Legend Lives

Some of Avalon’s features include:

*Over 2000 abilities across 9 class choices each with diverse specialisations and advanced powers; magical Mages, musical Bards, great Sorcerers, altruistic Druids, noble Knights, wicked Thieves, Seers working their palantir and voodoo and fatalist curses and more.

*Unmatched PvP where there are few rules, high stakes and huge consequences and where only skill will bring you to victory – many games boast skill based PvP yet nowhere but Avalon can even the most grizzled of veterans lose a battle to a more talented newbie.

*Fully fleshed out trade, economics and crafting with over sixty unique commodities, all with individual methods of production leading to the merchant-empire-building meta-game of great wealth and riches.

*Legion warfare between ALL factions of the most developed kind of any game – over three dozen specialist military skills including trenches, tunnels, minefields, mortars, arrows, formations, armourforms, rivermastery, oil-cauldrons and barricades in a system rewarding strategic battlefield play where the stakes are the very land itself – nothing is safe from the potential destruction.

* Thousands of quests, experiences, deeds and achievements, some not performed in over a decade.

Avalon’s narrative is written solely by its players – all of the wars, treaties, trade agreements, schemes, plots, plans, invasions, conquests and even the eradicationof a major city have been conducted with the mortals at the epicentre and the timeline of Avalon history (www.avalon-rpg.com/history) details some of the remarkable events that have taken place over the last 26 years – and is continually updated.

The Avalon world is a veritable powder keg of activity and never has there been a better time to join its ranks and – as the longest running online game in history – we don’t expect the curtain to fall any time soon…

Language(s):English or German
Server: avalon-rpg.com
Port: 23


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