Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island MUD

Hunter x Hunter (Greed Island arc) based history and gameplay, most identical rules and places displayed by the anime.

Read with attention, OPEN BETA TEST ONLY!

Dificult! It is a survival game, when dies lose everything.
Main and side quest for beat the game with special rewards from Game Masters. (Not available in beta)
PVP allowed, PK flag and no item reward from dead players.
Steal allowed.
Rent activated, leave the island or you will never quit.
Start classes: Conjurer, Enchancer, Emmiter, Manipulator and Transmuter
Remort class: Specialist
Map and automap.
Hundreds of collectibles cards.
38 different spell cards.
Multichar restricted, not at same time.
Newbie friendly and detailed explanation, in game optional.

Hiring builders and coders! mail me henquew@hotmail.com

Server: greedisland.servegame.com
Port: 4000

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