NeoTokyo Muck

In the mid-2000s a terrible dimensional collapse destroyed the universe of NeoTokyo,
rendering it inert and in a state of stasis for what seemed like ten years for those
outside of the cataclysm.
Luckily, the Norns and the Yggdrasil System managed to save a backup of the universe
and kept it running in a small corner of the overall system and worked tirelessly to
restore it. Some eleven years later they succeeded and the NeoTokyo Universe was
reborn with all its dimensional instability and many of its planets, cities and
inhabitants intact and not aware any time had passed at all. Many survivors
of the previous version of the universe began to trickle back from where they
had fled in the Multiverse due to the cataclysm and many more new faces began
to arrive as well. In NeoTokyo, anyone, anything from anywhere can simply appear
at any time. Random rifts open and close seemingly anywhere and the fabric between
dimensions is weak and malleable, threaded to an infinity of worlds.
Who will you be in NeoTokyo?

Port: 10222

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