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Ansalon is a DragonLance MUD (Multi User Dungeon, Text Based Game) where a player can become an imaginary character in the DragonLance world, and interact with other players who are also playing at the same time. Your character can be a Silvanesti Elf, a Neidar Dwarf, a Human, a Minotaur, a fun-loving Kender, or any of a multitude of races. Ansalon is one of the longest-running MUDs left in existence (est. 1996). It is a stable, well-developed world, with custom code and custom areas to explore. Well over a decade later, we’re making upgrades and changes on a weekly basis!

Ansalon is always looking for new players with new stories to tell and new conflicts to insight. Speaking of stories, check out our stories page!! Thousands of stories from 1999 through now! Read them by author, updated as they post!

Newbies are encouraged and with them in mind, Ansalon offers detailed maps and has many people willing to help out and give advice so that folks unused to Ansalon _don’t_ have to struggle through the often painful process of learning a new MUD. There is a great ‘USE’ command for almost any object you find, give it a shot! Ask questions on the Newbie channel (or OOC), get all of the free maps from the school. !

We fully encourage clans and other organizations. Perhaps you’d like to join the Solamnic Knights? Or join the Conclave of Mages? Or maybe you want to take over the world with Takhisis’ Dragonarmies? No matter what your character wants to do, there’s a clan that should suit his/her taste.

Ansalon is the Dragonlance MUD that people talk about, where we share our love of the DragonLance world without an iron fist… We welcome all of you home.

Noteworthy recently: Palace Mages with preserve, fireproof and more. Ranged Combat. Food buffs, with random generated foods on mobs. Feathers (quill pen crafting), 5 coin system, full on insane fishing code with 100+ fish species of all sizes!, drinking anywhere that makes sense, corks & labels for potions, fountains that gurgle and refill, nuances that make the game feel real, much much more!

Server: ansalon.net
Port: 8679


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  1. AnsalonMUD

    Hey everyone, it’s our 20th year!
    We had some down-time (well there, but hard to reach) as an old imp held the reins to our domains of ansalonmud.net.
    We’re back up on the web with a newly modeled website. Thanks!

    Pssss. Yeah, we’re still alive!

    Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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    1. andreas


      Rating: 5.0. From 1 vote.
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      1. AnsalonMUD

        Thanks Andreas! Great to be back fully online 🙂

        Rating: 4.5. From 2 votes.
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