Development of H-A-T-E (Heroes and the evil)


Hi out there, it’s me, andreas, the administrator of mudbase.com. I’d like to introduce you my own MUD H-A-T-E (Heroes and the evil), which is still in developoment. H-A-T-E is based on simple Java-Telnet-Server. Data is managed by a mysql database. At the moment users have to register on the website of h-a-t-e. After registration users can log to H-A-T-E via a telnet or a MUD client.
100100Did i mention that it’s still in developement 😉 At the moment my students (for electronics and system and information electronics, i don’t know how the professions are called in english) are shortly before ther final exam and i have a lot to do at our education agency, so the progress is slow.
hateUp to now user can log in and can go to the four directions (go north, go south,…), they can see the map (show map) and users will be noticed on what kind of landscape they are at the moment. Additionally they get noticed if there is another player in this location.
The map is a 100×100 matrix. If you type the command for showing the map, you only get a small spot of the whole map.
For the future are some mor features planned.

….to be continued

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