Oblivion: Destiny’s End

Oblivion: Destiny’s End is a land of fantasy and magic unlike any other. Founded in November 1996, Oblivion is one of the oldest MUDs left on the net and has nearly limitless hours of roleplay and storyline to draw from. Oblivion features some of the richest, custom content in the MUD world and is currently in development of its sixth iteration of the engine.

Oblivion features a classless, open world system where your character is determined by your choices and growth. You aren’t pidgeonholed into the role of “Warrior” and stuck spamming ‘kill goblin’ until the end of time. Our non-automated combat system gives you a freedom and flow to combat unlike any other MUD, and our skill and experience based growth system offers you unparalleled choices on character customization.

The Gods walk the realm once more, and you can now choose which you follow, or strive and eventually join their ranks! The temples of Life, Death, Luck, Time and Shadows are open once more. Will you find your place within the astral pantheon?

With the implementation of chain quests, daily quests, and more options for quests in general our quest system has risen to heights unparalleled even by MMORPGs. With countless hours of quest content you will never be bored or find yourself with nothing to do.

Player housing, crafting and governments allow you to mold and shape the world around you. Your character can truly leave their own mark on our world, be it positive, or negative. There is nothing you *cannot* do in our world, because it’s not ours, it’s yours.

Oblivion Features Specific:
[*] 12 Races, 8 Unique Races
[*] Classless, Skill based advancement
[*] Levels, Guild Levels, Temple Levels, City Levels
[*] Unique Questing system
[*] Player Crafting, Housing
[*] Player ran factions
[*] PvP Factions between the Trelian Alliance and Highland Empire
[*] MXP, MSDP, MCCP, ATCP Support
[*] Daily staff driven roleplays, Weekly staff driven main storyline roleplays
[*] Active and involved staff members

Oblivion: Destiny’s End version 6 is currently in closed beta testing. Please use the contact information on this page to pursue Beta Tester or Builder status

Server: closedbeta
Port: 23



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