CyberASSAULT Features:
-A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi theme including holographic
simulator areas and tons of pop-geek-culture references.
-Fast-paced melee, grenade or clip-dependent gun combat!
-Multiple ammunition types. Scopes and weapon attachments.
-A great active Immortal staff!!
-Bionic implants,player owned storage bays, houses, PK (limited)
-Amazing progression system. Instant rewards upon progression.
-item customization, gear that levels with you!
-player, mob, ongoing and imm-run quests. Holiday quests!
-Tons of custom skills and psionics.
-An awesome fun non-stock world! Always growing.
-Large newbie area with plenty of quests to get you started.
-Limited RP, if any at all. Come hang out and shoot the proverbial shi*
-hundreds of NPC given quests with Quality rewards.
-Custom weapons!
-custom gear shops
-player museum of past legends of CyberASSAULT!
-New players daily.
-Quest shops
-Vehicles with GPS (so you can save locations!)
-Taxi cabs for you lazy mortals!
-Happy hours! Imm triggered and self started.
-Custom event system, allowing players to obtain super equipment with event shards!
-Crafting and item salvaging. Create powerful gear.

Server: cyberassault.org
Port: 11111



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