Robbers attacked this takeaway with

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    Ben Thomson on: December 12, 2017 at 1:45 am #697

    Robbers attacked this takeaway with machetes and a baseball bat AJ Parker Jersey… but staff fought them off with giant spoons – Manchester Evening News
    Usman Ani, 21, was alone behind the counter at the time, with two staff in the kitchen Dominique Heath Jersey. Faced with ‘up to five’ armed men, he grabbed the closest thing to hand – a serving spoon from a curry pot. He said: “At first there were two of them, they had big machetes, they were screaming ‘give me the money, come on then.” “It was shocking, we were scared. I tried to fight them off and get a baseball bat off one of them.” He said other members of the community also came into the shop to help fight off the intruders – who left empty handed. He added: “They went outside and smashed the window, there were more of them outside – it was very scary. I’d like to thank the people that came in to help us.” Sajid Hussain, who owns the takeaway, was not in the shop at the time. He added: “I have great staff, they made a good fight and those men didn’t get anything. Well done to my staff.” Greater Manchester Police have confirmed the attack and say a fight ensued between the gang and takeaway staff. During the struggle some of the takeaway’s windows were smashed. The raid happened at the takeaway on Bury New Road at around 5.40pm. Nobody reported any injuries, police say. A Greater Manchester Police spokesman confirmed that officers are treating the incident as an attempted armed robbery https://www.kstatesportinggoods.com/gear/tyler-white-kansas-state-jersey.aspx. He said: “At 5.40pm police attended to a report of a disturbance at a takeaway on Bury New Road Drew Scott Jersey.

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